About Us

Our Name

We are often asked how the unusual name “Vadah” came about. The answer is really quite simple; it means “a promise”, our promise, to provide the customer with the finest quality foods, a wonderful atmosphere, and excellent service. This is our recipe for success.


Our Chef

Our multi awards winning Head Chef Kaysar Ahmed, who has worked alongside the likes of Michelin Star chef’s Dominic Chapman and Atol Kulcha has been eagerly awaiting to get his menu into the kitchen at Vadah, which he’s been working on since early 2014. Whilst a lot of the dishes at Vadah are new, you will see snippets of what you may have tried before at the Mumbai Lounge in York, Fossgate, but with a slight makeover.
As for the menus themselves - there is a simplified takeaway menu with a 15% discount off the menu prices to be collected only. Whilst there is a good selection of “House Specials” and “Chefs Recommendations” which are from the Dining in Menu only, Kaysar understands the need to make it a competitive but quality offering as his key wish is for Vadah to be accessible to all.

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A dream realised for three best friends with over 30 years of experience in the industry between them, have applied that knowledge and experience to create an exceptional fine dining experience. We hope that the authenticity of the food and the enjoyment of the dining experience will invite patrons for generations to come.